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General Surgery

Your GP

Your general practitioner plays an important role in the evaluation and treatment of benign breast cancers. Local physicians are the first point of contact for a woman experiencing breast cancer-related symptoms.

The initial stage of breast cancer detection is crucial, giving a woman the best possible chance for care and recovery. The GP plays a vital role in providing a prompt and definitive diagnosis, so that tumors are not unnecessarily overlooked and benign tumors are not over treated.

They are a good source for guiding and recommending secondary referrals. Two thirds of the breast cancer referrals for surgery are from primary care physicians. Recommendation of your care team, from breast cancer surgeon and oncologist to plastic surgeon, can determine the overall outcome of your treatment.

Apart from this, they are also involved in ongoing monitoring and are available for ongoing support. Studies show that women with poor access to general physicians are not likely to get themselves tested for breast cancer. Since GPs have been treating families for many years, and have established a strong relationship of trust, patients feel comfortable to consult them throughout their treatment and management. They can confirm and answer concerns without bias, prepare the patient and also support the whole family during the course of the treatment and recovery.