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Breast Screen Detected Breast Cancer

Most women experience shock and trauma when they receive a breast screening-detected diagnosis of breast cancer due to the lack of prior expectation of the diagnosis and the absence of any symptoms. The breast cancer diagnosis can be established with the help of a mammographic based breast cancer screening program, following which women undergo breast cancer treatment.

Several judgments arise in the minds of women who are diagnosed with a screening detected breast cancer. The major issue is the selection of an appropriate breast surgeon. During the initial visit to the breast surgeon, a specific treatment plan is tailored based on the symptoms which helps relieve some of the stress and anxiety levels.

The concerns for women with screening detected breast cancer regarding the selection of a breast surgeon are similar as for women diagnosed with symptomatic breast cancers. Women who are diagnosed with a screening detected breast cancer may however be completely unprepared for these decisions, especially if they have not given the possible diagnosis any prior consideration. Women with healthy behaviors are often unfamiliar with navigation of the health system. Your physician can guide you with the diagnosis and offer advice regarding further referral for breast cancer treatment.

Treatment of small non-palpable tumors is challenging and requires a higher surgical skill and experience. Wire localization is a pre-surgical image guided technique that is used to mark the location of a breast tumor. The surgeon will use the wire as a guide to the tissue that needs to be removed. Discuss your concerns about your diagnosis and treatment options with your care team.