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Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Team Meetings

Treatment for patients with breast cancer requires involvement of many doctors and healthcare professionals.
The Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Team is a well-established group of specialists in different disciplines who diagnose, frame the treatment plan and manage people with breast cancer. The team comprises of medical and allied healthcare professionals who provide expert care for the treatment of breast cancer.

The meetings are held weekly and are attended by all the health professionals involved in the woman’s care. At these meetings, the team members jointly discuss, plan and develop a specific treatment program matching the individual patient needs. The treatment options are then discussed with the patient at the time of scheduling appointment.

The care team includes surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, nuclear medicine physician, MRI radiologist, and allied health professionals including breast care nurses and radiographers.

Privacy concerns:

Your consent is required for the doctor to use and disclose personal information regarding your course of treatment. You may provide the consent in various ways at the time of your initial registration process. Also, you have the right to withdraw or deny your consent at any time.

The purpose of this formal multidisciplinary approach is to ensure you receive the best and advanced cancer care possible.